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Where to begin...

This blog was started by a good friend of mine, Greg Oyler back in May of 2021. I'm not very patient at making such things as blogs, but Greg is a smart fella and he created this site so I could record my travels and so the folks who wanted to, could follow me to make sure I was safe and maybe have a little fun as they follow me around on my exploits. Signs of life, so to speak. It was all for fun and a history for myself for the June travels. Innocent enough.

Now, here I am. May of 2023 - two years later - an official Arkansas resident and home owner in this beautiful state and employed with Southwest EMS in the South west part of AR.

So, what the hell happened?!

First of all, I have watched the degradation of my beautiful home state and have watched with concern as the current administration quickly tightens the screws and transforms it into a more oppressing socialist state. Washington is so beautiful, but it is getting more oppressive for the law abiding folks and the irresponsible and lawless are being protected like and endangered species. The laws are made to come after those trying to do it right while looking the other way on those bent on taking advantage of said folks. It's almost lawless in places and my friends in law enforcement are pulling their hair out because they can't, by law, do the job they were sworn to do. Im sorry/not sorry if this sounds political, but it is what it is and it is happening in real time.

So, there's that out of the way.

So, here it is. With my travels to Arkansas to find my roots, I found something else. I found a state and a culture I love and care deeply about. Arkansas is a beautiful state! More than I expected and beyond my limited vision of what I thought it was supposed to be. So, with that, I loosely started entertaining the thought of a move. Sometime at the end of 2021 and as my relationship at the time was coming to a close, I started peeking at real estate here. Peeking became an interest, an interest became a passion, and that passion became and obsession. It was serious now.

As I searched I noticed a pattern developing here. Prices were climbing slowly, but consistently and people were discovering what I had discovered. Lower costs of living and a freer, conservative culture were drawing people here more and more every day. California plates and their attached cars laden with trunks full of cash money were hunting for property like birds of prey circling a shallow fish pond. New Yorkers too, I hear. Blue state people getting out before their states become unlivable and wanting more bang for their buck. What ever it may be, they were coming - by the car loads. I was quickly getting priced out in my price range and the obsession became desperation, frustration and a growing sense of urgency. It was very frustrating, honestly.

But, finally, with the help and sacrifice of a dear friend, a home appeared that was literally a gift from above. It was perfect and I started to pursue it, even though it was bittersweet at the time. But, the process rolled forward and things fell into place that could only be explained one way and for that, I am forever grateful. Now, it is final.

So, yes - I have moved to Arkansas and I think I am here to stay. I will post my journey and the details of it soon. It is a bit difficult as I don't have access to good internet out at the place, but that isn't completely a bad thing. Stay tuned for the stories, if you want to hear them. They aren't necessarily motorcycle related, but they are definitely about roots, either in the search for them or finding them and establishing more. After all, I have more DNA planted in this ground than anywhere else in the world. I can feel it when my feet touch the ground here.

I am home.

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May 08, 2023

To be sure, choosing to jump off the ledge of safety and familiarity and landing on your feet like a graceful, proverbial cat with nine lives, puts you instantaneously in the revered bracket of Adventurer.

As someone who has had a glimpse into your soul, I am thrilled for you.

Omak was too confining, as we both know.

Breathe deep, soak it all in. Gaze at the skies and the fields of your new home and bask in that glow, the beginning of a new venture.

I look forward to hearing your tales and maybe even seeing some videos.



May 07, 2023

I'm glad you found your home. You are missed by so many!

May 07, 2023
Replying to

Miss you, Tonya!

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