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The More That l Have.

There was so much to see and record for both posterity and personal reasons on this trip, that I couldn't possibly cover it all. Nor did I want to. Some things are personal and just for me. And, on this adventure, it was the most difficult thing to find the time and the direction to publish all that I wanted to here in this blog. I still have somethings to share and I will. There's more stories about people I've met and places I've seen. I've even had requests to write a final story that captures what the purpose of this trip was supposed to be and what it has become.

And besides, I left you hanging at the end of the story of Melissa McClintock. I need to get that one done. It's an important one for me and the one that capstoned this quest for Roots. I guess I need to do that, huh?. If you all are still in, I will do that and more. Still in? I am if you are.

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