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The People We Meet.

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

This is Vera and John. Let's just say, last night wasn't very restful. Add almost three hundred miles and heat and l wasn't in the mood for much of anything, but a good meal, getting some work done and a good nights sleep. I remembered this little motel in downtown Ely a couple of years ago, so the search was on to find it and that l did. There was just one problem, no one was there. There was a sign on the door that said, ''Call this number if you want a room''. Ugh. l wasn't really sure this was the right place for me. Maybe l'll just go down the street to another one. Enter John. John pulled up in his pickup and he stepped out and stood beside me. l said l'd call, if he was interested, and find out what was up with these rooms. l made the call. On the other end of the phone was Vera. She was a upbeat happy person and she said she had rooms for us and because we were first time customers, she'd give us a discount. $60. How can you beat that?? And she seemed pleasant and helpful, to boot. As we waited for her so show, John and l started to talk. John was VERY hard of hearing and it was a chore to try and have a conversation...did l mention l was tired? Vera shows and she is a ball of energy! She is a woman full of life with very short hair, a huge smile and a welcoming personality. lt was a hoot registering for the rooms - add humor because John couldn't hear a thing. lt was a circus and l'm sure would have been a total comedy routine to see. Vera showed us to our rooms and made sure we were settled in. She even opened the laundry so l could wash all my rancid stuff. Before she left, l asked for a picture of her and she was, ''Oh my Lord! And me in my bath rode and slippers?!'' l assured her she was fine and she agreed to a photo. John wanted to have a beer together and, quite frankly, l wanted to be left alone. l made the excuse of shopping for food and need to get change for the the wash. l left him for the store and as l got to the beer isle...there was John. We talked beer and laughed and we parted ways again. When l got back to the Rustic Inn, there was John on the patio with his beer...right next to the bbq grill. Oh, boy. l committed to my washing and when that was started, l grabbed my Fosters, bit the bullet and headed for the patio. l'd be polite and spend my time trying to hold a conversation then l'd get to the room and get to work. Best laid plans... After awhile John and l began understanding each other and he was a pretty interesting fellow. And maaaann he was a talker. l'm not sure how long we talked it was a while. l enjoyed his company very much. We had a lot in common.

l cooked in the dark.

So, what's the moral of this story? What if l let my frustration take hold and l went down the road for an another room? Or, what if l had written John off and hunkered down in my room for the night? l would be a poorer man today, wouldn't l? Take the time, listen to that gut and follow thru. You meet the most interesting people that way. l wonder who's next? l'll let you know when l meet them..

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1 Comment

Jun 07, 2021

Jon and Vera, what a memory they will be. Glad you took the time. ❤️

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