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The Surreal Journey.

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I pulled out of Texarkana to hook up with the 196 towards Garland City. Its morning and it’s hot and humid. But, once underway the cool sets in and it’s perfect and I’m loving the morning light. The 196 is perfect for this day. Arkansas really is a beautiful state and it has some of the prettiest homes lining the secondary highways. I got my GoPro up and going and the only trouble is what do I shoot! It’s all beautiful! This ride was moving me because I’m in the state of my forefathers. My siblings and I are the only ones born outside of here. Generations called this place home and kids and grandkids were raised here. It doesn’t feel like home to me, but the spirit of those who came before me, still make it poignant. There is a connection here. Structures still stand that fed, clothed and sheltered family. There was a moment when I crested a hill and a farming valley opened up before me. This was my moment. I knew it would happen. It was all hidden behind my helmet and it was private, but it was real. I still had a ways to go, tho and Leola was a few miles away still and it wasn’t until I hit Carthage that I saw my first sign that said “Leola”. Another moment. Then the sign that said, “Leola 9 Miles” brought anticipation. I stood on the pegs the full 9 miles. Then the sign appeared before of me and my ancestral home was under my feet. Another moment, yet again. As I drove thru this town and I got my bearings, I started to see the buildings my dad told me about. Stories of kin and lives lived. It is good. I’m glad I’m here. It’s been a journey for this traveler and I’m so glad for it. What happens next? What will I see and hear that will cause, yet another moment? I'll wait and see, I guess. I’m going to have to too., but...I can’t wait.

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2 comentarios

14 jun 2021

That’s what it’s all about. Absolutely perfect! Soak it up!

Me gusta

14 jun 2021

So proud of you for making this a reality. How very cool and special. A regret you will never have. ❤️

Me gusta
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