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Where to Begin…

My radio silence has been a few days now and it’s been for good reason. First, there was really nothing travely about what I was doing. The wedding was great and the reconnecting with friends as well as making new ones was awesome…and personal. It may have bored you all anyway, and it wasn’t my place to share their wedding in detail, l guess. I felt like I needed to honor that. I do love the pictures and I liked sharing them with you. I will share another one, though because I think it’s hilarious and fits Ozzie’s personality perfectly. He’s a pretty funny guy when he wants to be.

Second, I was also trying desperately to catch the vibe down here. It is so different than the PNW and I like it here…a lot…but I do feel like an outsider. These are a specific and proud people down here and they have a flow that they understand and live by every day. Unfortunately, though, there’s a lot of people who are escaping or trying to escape the ugliness of cyanosis. Some selling everything elsewhere and migrating to a better life with cash and a different perspective. The real estate agent I talked to stated as much as well

as how extremely depleted his inventory has been. It‘s a sellers market and it’s real tough down here to find anything now. A year ago this wasn’t the issue. Heck, even Zillow can’t even keep up with the places quickly coming under contract. lt’s stupid crazy! But, why wouldn’t it be. It’s a beautiful place and quickly becoming an tapped and unhidden gem. It’s rather frustrating for simple people seeking a different and better life because it’s becoming more and more difficult to find an affordable dream. I have traveled quite a few roads in the NW and NC parts of this place in the last few days and I have done nothing but fall in love with it more.

But, as more and more migrants find this out and wheel their buckets full of cash to the nearest realtor and scream, “GIMME GIMME GIMME!”, what will become of these peaceful Arkansans then? Will l start seeing bumper stickers and signs that say, “F’k Off, We’re Full!” or “Visit, Spend, Go Home!” like I’ve seen in other states being flooded with “refugees” or opportunists? It’s hard to say, but I do know human nature and I know I’d hate to see the changes that follows such a great migration. These are resilient people and they are an accepting and loving folk, but l can’t see them putting up with too many shenanigans either. I know I’d be pissed. So, buyer beware. lf one moves into this beautiful place… assimilate. Leave agendas and your need to change things back with the negatives and discarded from whence you came. Respect these good folks and support what and where you’re moving into. For once, leave a place as beautiful as this unspoiled. After all, if you find the perfect place, please don’t move there. It won’t be perfect anymore if you do...self check included.

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